Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Valentine's Day Poem Massacre

David leering at Bathsheba as she wears the latest Renaissance fashions,

The Secular Spectrum: A Valentine's Day Poem Massacre

Since it's nearly impossible to find Valentine's Day cards that aren't either sappy or stupid, I began a tradition of writing my own bad poetry for Keith.

Being a satirist, the poems contain hidden jokes and puns. The themes often grow from whatever is occupying our lives as I write it. Since I'm writing posts for the Secular Spectrum, the theme of this year's poem is absurd biblical stories.

Because of this, I decided to share the poem with SecSpec's readers. I've also challenged them to come up with their own bad biblical/romantic verse. And I'm inviting readers of this blog to join the fun.

Share your own biblical babble in the comments section!

And as a bonus, here is last year's Valentine's Day poem for Keith.

You’re Trending in My Heart
Follow me and I will follow you,
O’ how you update my status!
Befriend my heart,
And my heart will never defriend yours.
I like to be liked,
And I like to like you.
How your love makes my heart twitter,
Your news feeds my soul.
Share with me your love,
And I will share with you everything.
My laughs will be your laughs,
My tears, you will cry too.
Do not block me, my love,
And my thoughts will always be with you.
Only a person who truly loved me,
Would share these sentiments too.

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