Friday, February 16, 2018

After Darwin Day: Vestiges of the Unnatural History of Creationists

Miracle GirlAfter Darwin Day: Vestiges of the Unnatural History of Creationists

Why would God create non-functional eyes in cave-dwellers? It's almost as if these cave animals evolved from sighted ancestors who once dwelled above ground....

Creationists accept as fact a book in which God orders the slaughter of unicorns, but spares not a word for dinosaurs. They thrive in the darkness of ignorance, blinded to insight.


  1. Throughout the year, Darwin Day events are planned around the world to ... biologist Charles Darwin's theory of evolution versus creationism.

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  4. Most creationists believe that this book is the bible. They accept it as fact because it talks about God ordering humans to eat vegetation. Take full article from Law Essay Help UK for better understanding this topic.

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Coma Girl

Coma Girl

Not a miracle recovery, but a miracle of modern medicine

In 2013 I fell into a six-week coma and nearly died after I contracted legionella. The Legionnaire's disease was in turn triggered by immunosuppression caused by the prednisone I was taking for my rare autoimmune disease, dermatomyositis.

I suffered a series of strokes on both sides of my brain when the sepsis caused my blood pressure to plummet. I fell into a deep coma. My kidneys and lungs began to fail, as my body was began dying one organ at a time. My doctors told my loved ones to give up hope for my full recovery. They expected me to die, and even if I somehow lived, I would remain a vegetable or at best left so hopelessly brain-damaged that I would never be same. But unbeknownst to them, while they were shining lights in my eyes and shaking their heads, I was telling them in my coma-dream--my secular version of a near-death experience--to leave me alone because I was trying to get back to sleep. I was experiencing what is known as covert cognition, the subject of my Skeptical Inquirer article "Covert Cognition: My So-Called Near-Death Experience," which appeared in their July/August issue.

But it wasn't a miracle--despite what so many continue to believe--that I recovered so fully. I owe my life not to God, but the miracles of modern medicine, as well as the nature of the watershed-area brain damage I suffered, as I detailed in my article and in this blog.